Open daily 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 p.m.


Full-time pizza


Disapore+ is the pizzeria in Cecina in the sign of good taste and hospitality.

Living, savouring, sharing in a place that smells of pizza from morning to night.

No time limitation, as long as you need!

Pizzeria Disapore+ la farina

A good pizza,
light and digestible

The basis of it all is a special dough expertly worked with the right timing.

Here, the feeling between the pizza maker's hands, the flours and the yeasts borders on perfection: it is the secret of a pizza that offers excitement without ever losing its balance.

Pizzeria Disapore+ primo piano pizza

Taste and flavour mix

Here, pizza becomes an intense sensory experience inspired by flavours of character.

Simplicity, elegance and a harmonious composition of essences form the basis of an ever-evolving daily path.

Disapore+ pizzeria a Cecina

Attention to local products

The selection and transformation of the raw material are the foundations of the Disapore+ philosophy, where pizza becomes a virtuous narration of the territory.

All this thanks to the excellence of products with a strong identity.

Brewery and wine shop

Pizza and beer or pizza and wine?
The joyful charge of pizza goes perfectly with the freshness and body of beers and wines.

Carefully selected labels offer the possibility of ideal combinations with traditional and contemporary pizzas.

Disapore+ is open all day, every day

Disapore+ is a much more versatile space and time concept than the traditional pizzeria or restaurant.

Our pizzeria in Cecina is a place to stay, to converse, to reflect, to taste alone or in company, for simple leisure or business.
From morning to evening with traditional breakfast, brunch and pizza for lunch and dinner, seamlessly immersed in a convivial atmosphere of great tranquillity.

Brunch from 10 a.m.


Aperitifs and dinner

Nicola Ascani

A master pizza maker fascinated by research into the best doughs and the use of high quality raw materials.

Great sensitivity to flours, yeasts and doughs; a refined interpreter of contemporary pizza understood as the perfect integration of tradition and innovation.

What our guests say

Impasto leggero e digeribile, gli ingredienti di prima qualità e ben bilanciati; il tagliere è una delizia x il palato, salumi freschissimi e di ottima qualità; birre artigianali nazionali ricercate per intenditori, la coca italiana, i dolci davvero gustosi e delicati, location nuovissima ed accogliente, una chicca per palati raffinati che amano la convivialitá
Alessandro Ficai
Alessandro Ficai
La miglior pizza in assoluto di Cecina e dintorni. Tutte buonissime, non vedo l’ora di tornare.
Antonello De Lorenzo
Antonello De Lorenzo
Una piacevole scoperta.
Ilse van den Bergh
Ilse van den Bergh
Go here when you have the chance!! Tucked away behind the tennis courts you’ll find the best pizzas. Could’ve had the whole menu. Service has been excellent as well.
Antonio Ficai (c4antonio)
Antonio Ficai (c4antonio)
Un locale molto carino circondato dai campi da tennis, tutto molto curato dove ho mangiato la pizza più buona di tutta la costa. Nicola è un vero maestro della pizza. Merita veramente andarci per poi tornarci di nuovo appena è possibile.

Where we are

Disapore+ is the pizzeria in Cecina inside the Mantoflex Tennis&Padel centre.
Disapore+ is the pizzeria in Cecina inside the Mantoflex Tennis&Padel centre.